From The Desk of the Senior Pastor L.A. Lopez

Greetings Friend,

Peace be with you, I thank and praise God that He brought you here to our site, you might have visited purposefully, or by coincidence yet in the eyes of God there is no such thing is coincidence but divine providence. Truth be told, you were brought here for a purpose; in that I welcome you.

What you are about to view is a compilation of what God has done from 2010, the year God planted the church to this day to 2017. I am blessed to share with you God’s great goodness as He opened doors for the ministry to expand and grow in quality, in wisdom, in grace and in truth. As of 2017, God has empowered us to press on in the faith with our mother church Abundant Harvest Ministries in Crescent City Florida, and our partner churches which are Calvary Full Gospel in Deleon Springs, Florida and New Life Church of God in Crescent City Florida. Through the years we have impacted lives through our Love in Action Outreach program that brings change in the lives of students through school supplies, books & scholarships. Medical missions and feeding programs that cater to every demographic and above all the preaching of God’s word, standing by the calling in Luke 1:17 that states – “…to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children, and the disobedient to the wisdom of the just; to make ready a people prepared for the Lord”

I pray that you would take the time to read each article and message, especially the standpoint of this church and the distinctive of standing up as a Christ Renewed Individual. May God bless you and I hope you connect and partner with us as we stand working our salvation with much fear and trembling as the day draws near. Have a blessed day and again, welcome!

Pastor L.A. Lopez
Senior Pastor
Abundant Harvest Fellowship International
Missionary from AHM COGOP Crescent City, FL

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