Viewpoint: Call To Arms Youth Initiative

The Armor Bearers had its first official youth initiative entitled “Call to Arms,” last October 22 at Eton Centris. A blessed movement indeed, we focused to bear the Armor of Light and to set aside the deeds of darkness, standing firm for God and anchoring ourselves on God alone.

We first met up at near Coffee Bean in Eton Centris at around 5 p.m. A week before the event, members were assigned to what team they belong for we are having the Laser Tag Tournament at Lazer Maxx for our initial bustle in our whole activity. Kuya Akeem, Ate Tania and Pastor Lyle then briefed everyone while we took pictures and enjoyed the camaraderie. Later on, we moved into our first activity, the Laser Tag Tournament, there we applied our schemes that we had discussed with our teammates on how to attack the opponent and defend our base. Everyone was on fire to be on the field making the best out of his abilities. After our mind-focused game, we took a while to rest and, eventually, moved into Shakey’s Restaurant there in Eton Centris to have our dinner together and the reflection of our activity.

While we shared the message of our wonderful youth activity, we continued to learn the teachings of the Lord. Pastor Lyle Lopez shared then message and enlightened us to What Call to Arms mean? As indicated in our leaflets, Call to Arms means a summons to engage in active hostility, invitation, or appeal to undertake a particular course of action. Meaning, God is calling us to stand vigilant, to stand firm, and defend for what is right. With our Laser Tag Tournament experience, we were able to relate our experience to real life thus standing alert and vigilant, waiting for the attack of the opponent. Romans 13:12 states that, “The night is nearly over; the day is almost here. So let us put aside the deeds of darkness and put on the armor of light.” John Calvin said that the “night” means the world’s ignorance to God. We are asked to set aside the deeds of darkness such as our habitual sins that we have committed, whatever things that steal our time and focus from God, and anything that we put in mind or in heart first before God. On the second part, we have to put on the armor of light and defend ourselves from the wickedness of the enemy and do our part to purify ourselves for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Through Call to Arms, we are able to further understand the will of God and that is for us to stand more vigilant and to deflect the attack of the enemy and prepare for the coming of our Savior Jesus Christ.
After the wholesome sharing of the Armor Bearers with God’s word, we gathered together and closed in prayer. We headed to the recreational grounds of Eton Centris and enjoyed the warm and joyful company of all. It was a blessed day to everyone for having a God-focused youth activity of the Armor Bearers. God bless! =)

About The Author of AHF Viewpoint: Ate Nikki is the Head Girl of The Armor Bearers which is the official Youth Ministry of Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines. She is also a writer for the Abundant Harvest Fellowship Web Team. A graduating senior, her testimony, viewpoints and, changed life is such a blessing to Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines, Her Family and Friends. We truly Praise God for Her Life.

Armor Bearer’s Call To Arms Youth Initiative


The conclusion video to the Armor Bearer’s Youth Initiative entitled: Call To Arms held last October 22, 2011. God truly moved in our midst as He impacted our youths and made a difference in their lives. Strategies were laid down as plans were set as two teams from The Armor Bearers zapped their way in Laser tag, then came a scrumptious dinner in Shakeys; a message from Pastor Lyle Lopez entitled: “Call To Arms” focusing on Romans 13:12, Breakout and hours upon hours of free time. Our youths enjoyed Segway Races, Bungee Jumps while strengthening and edifying each other to be the people God has called us all to be. Praise God for a Wonderful Youth Initiative! To God Be The Glory!