Church Viewpoint: Cruise Ship or Battleship


This video always drove the message home for me, how blessed I am with Igniter Media for making such wonderful videos. This video constantly reminds me why God placed me in a small church, where the needs of the people are higher than the needs of a building; where members are not but a sea of countless faces but a dear family we love and cherish. Where the dwellers humbly accept rebuke for they cherish to please God with their lives, not so much as think of reputation or stature. Where changed lives are more important than blatant enthusiasm. Where fathers can humbly ask for forgiveness from their sons and sons honoring their fathers and mothers. Where each person works hand in hand; standing in faith to love one another. Using tongues to edify, not to tear down. Loving the unlovable the way Christ asked us to Do. God reminds me of how much He has blessed me with Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines and the dear people that compose God’s church. The church God called me in is a church that stands as a Battleship; where obedience and service go hand in hand; where we Glorify God, Not man. Where the righteous stand firm to turn the hearts of the Fathers back to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous; to make ready a people for the Lord. To God be the Glory!Pastor Lyle Lopez

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