Worship God in Spirit & in Truth

Upon pondering earlier, I would state that it is imperative to truly check oneself and open ones eyes to the wrongs we are doing. Let us not be blinded by our righteous ideals, emotional movements in worship and blatant enthusiasm. Instead stand as a true worshipper as found in John 4:24

“For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.”

For no amount of worship songs, no amount of works will suffice since God does not delight in our sacrifice but He finds pleasure in our Obedience. Thus, stop fooling oneself; Worship God in Spirit and in Truth. Maybe it is time to look at ourself in the mirror, check and know what we do that we may harken to what is right, avoid the wrongs of life and live upright, walking with God in all we do. A Wonderful Poem I’ve heard before, which I had the pleasure of finding again, Thus I leave you with this poem and hope we ponder its meaning, check ourselves that we may stand right with God.


“You can fool the hapless public, You can be a subtle fraud,
You can hide your little meanness, But you can’t fool God!
You can advertise your virtues, You can self-achievement laud,
You can laud yourself with riches, But you can’t fool God!
You can criticize the Bible, You can be a selfish clod,
You can lie, swear, drink, and gamble, But you can’t fool God!
You can magnify your talent, You can hear the world applaud,
You can boast yourself somebody, But you can’t fool God!”
Khight’s Master Book of New Illustrations,
(Granville Kleiser)

May we stand firm in God, stop what we do for show, instead worship God in season and out of season, standing in Truth, standing in Spirit with utmost obedience to all that God asks us to accomplish. In Jesus Name Amen!

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