Keep Calm and Focus on God

This Sunday, we are launching a new series as we focus on God, anchor our Hearts to Him and seek Him first. We live in a world filled with uncertainty, morality has decayed as all that is good stands as a declining tower, an artifact that reminds us of an age when people knew their purpose, when people focused in God’s goodness. This 2012, we are facing a great change. A time to take back what the world has taken, take back our society, our families, our children and ourselves from this falling world to the righteousness of God and His eternal promise. We stand to witness revival, we witness breakthrough as God moves on our behalf, empowers us to shine His light by the power of the Holy Spirit as His light shine on our stead. Thus as we face much darkness, preach a simple verse to yourself that can be found in Psalm 62:5

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone; my hope comes from him.”

Friends, it is time to stand as we continue our journey focused on God alone, that though difficulty comes our ways and trials lay claim to our step; we stand unshakable. Not fearing the influx of this world and the wall it has set to block our blessing but to walk on, trusting in God alone.Keeping calm, continue our journey as we focus on God alone. In Jesus Name Amen!

Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines desires to take the journey of life with you, desires to stand and help each person to know the loving grace of God, augmenting our relationship with the King as we understand that amazing love of Jesus Christ and the sacrifice He made to save you and I for eternity. Here in AHF Philippines, we stand by the vision entrusted to Pastor Lyle Lopez found in the book of Luke, chapter 1 verses 17:

“…to turn the hearts of the fathers to their children and the disobedient to the wisdom of the righteous–to make ready a people prepared for the Lord.”

There much truth in this great command, this amazing vision for the time has come to stand for breakthrough, turning the hearts of this sinful society to God thus preparing a people for the coming of the Lord. Thus we would like to partner with you, stand to augment your growth as we walk in this journey of life, this path through sanctification awaiting glory, awaiting the return of our King.

We hope to connect with you, thus please do not hesitate to comment, message or visit our Facebook page as we desire to share with you, pray with you and strengthen you as we together stand to become the people God called us to be, not by might nor by power but by God’s spirit alone. In Jesus Name Amen!

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