“Joy of God’s Salvation” – Pastor Lyle Lopez

Last December and the first few weeks of January, Pastor Lyle Lopez and family visited Abundant Harvest Ministries Crescent City Florida, USA ; the main church of Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines. From there, he visited fellow Pastors and believers from partner churches all around Florida to edify, strengthen and encourage the brethren with the word of God. On December 21, 2011 Pastor Lyle visited Pastor Ezzie Harrison and his wonderful church family at Calvary Full Gospel De Leon Springs Fl. There Pastor Lyle spoke on the importance of Joy in the life of every believer; stating that though life may be filled with challenges and difficulty along the way- God blessed us with Joy, a constant source of delight. It is not fleeting like happiness that gives us a sense of euphoria when there is a happening or occasion; but Joy is the state of well being or contentment and it is constant. It is joy that runs and bumps us back from our everyday speed bumps, it is a joy that keeps us stable and joy that we need to have in our daily walk.

Pastor Lyle focused on Psalm 51:12, a Psalm of David:

Psalm 51:12Restore to me the joy of Your salvation And sustain me with a willing spirit.

The whole Psalm 53 was testament to the Lord calling David, a man after His own heart and yet Verse 12 strikes us with a line not easily forgotten. A line that each of us cry out when we seem to be losing touch and we start crumbling apart, falling from the path that God commanded us to take. “Restore to me the Joy of my Salvation” The burst of such a request brings about a sense of longing for something that seemed to be taken away, something that disappeared. The Joy of knowing and understanding how great a sacrifice, how precious our salvation really is. The understanding of a divine connection and eternal redemption. How important it is to return back to that Joy of our Salvation, that Joy that bumps us back, that Joy is the fruit of our Christian life and a testament of the glorious change we have underwent through the grace of our God, by the blood of our Savior. May we all return back to the joy of our salvation, the joy of returning back to our King free from sin and anything that steals our focus on Him that may have a FULL life, lacking in nothing.

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