The 2nd Annual AHF Resurrection Sunday Scripture Egg Hunt

Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines had its 2nd Annual Resurrection Sunday Scripture Egg Hunt last April 8 as we celebrated the Resurrection Day of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the basis of our faith and the hope we hold unto as we remember the great sacrifice of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ, the price He paid for our freedom and the hope we hold unto as His resurrection signifies the change in our hearts and the eternality of holiness in our lives if we stand focused on Him.

There is much joy in God’s sanctuary as AHF Philippines continued its series entitled: “Keep Calm and Focus on God.” Pastor Lyle Lopez shared his message entitled, “Who Will Stand Up for Jesus?” as he challenged the body of believers to take a stand against unbelief, defend the gospel through their lifesong and worship God alone. Pastor Lyle reminded the congregation that we all live in a world of unbelief, a society that as torn many away from the saving knowledge of God through the pleasures of carnality, the pursuit of knowledge and wealth, opposing idealism and self empowerment that promises us to reach an enlightened state and the hunger for fame and success. Most of the time even to those who are of the faith, coming to church is an option, prayer and bible reading are things we set aside. He then implored all of us implore to break free from the shackles of this world and remember Christ’s sacrifice and resurrection, as we asked ourselves the question: Will we stand up for Jesus?

Together, we chose to stand firm as we draw ourselves nearer to God willingly. We are standing up for Jesus to live a life full of joy in the presence of the Holy Spirit, a life of holiness as we shine God’s love to all and become a beacon light of hope to every family until the coming of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, drawing families closer through His calling.

After the message came the feast in which we had a wonderful time partaking gastronomic delicacies which the church and dwellers provided. As we partook of such blessing, we sat and broke bread together while strengthening each other; encouraging one another as we focus all of ourselves to God alone.

Then came the games, We were gathered in the sanctuary again and were asked to group ourselves per family as the current roster of participants were read. Upon the completion of groupings, the Game Masters, Pastor Lyle Lopez and Bro. Akeem Lumongsod, our Youth Pastor explained the mechanics of the game. The Scripture Egg Hunt started out as a basic egg hunt upon AHF’s first year which developed into a complex game that asked each participant to have a working knowledge of biblical foundations, a good store of memory verses, a quick hand in searching for scripture. This year, the game makers decided to span the whole bible, choosing challenging questions and asking each participant to answer with correctness, accuracy of knowledge under time pressure. The game call for everyone to participate, tap into the strength of God as ask to be filled with the Holy Spirit as a strong focus on God is imperative. This game call also calls forth teamwork, strong faith, and divine attitude in the brethren.

Before we began the game, we asked God that His guidance and protection would be with us throughout the game and that the flow of the challenges would be according to His will so we would bear the fruits of the Holy Spirit always in Jesus’ Name, Amen!

There were 54 plastic eggs which contain various tasks inside each. This eggs are spread out in the 3 main locations of AHF, the Sanctuary, the Abundant hall and the Outside Perimeter. Two champions from each team namely, the House of Babasa, House of Umayam, House of Bernardo, and House of Marquez, were called to represented their respective houses. The first part of the game is to harvest the eggs which invoked a need for a timed raced to collect as many eggs as each team can. By doing this, it gives them a head start in gaining much points before the bonus questions and objectives are initialized. The team with the most number of eggs harvested are assured a top rank spot for the challenges up ahead.

From the initial line, House Babasa moved up as the first in rank to harvest eggs, then came House Umayam, House Marquez and House Bernardo respectively. Now the real challenge were found inside the eggs where the participants were challenged to sing, recite scripture from memory, search scriptures from the Bible and answer specific bible trivia. Each House worked hard, striving to answer the volley of questions that came their way. Some questions were hard enough that an intercept with other houses was initialized. Then came the bonus questions that challenged each team to recite the books from the bible, the ten commandment and recite full chapters from the book of Psalms which was is a required tasking for each ministry in AHF. The players were on fire as the game which at point seemed to be held by one House became anyone’s game.

One by one, teams tried to hold the line till the final showdown was between House Bernardo and House Marquez. The questions came and with a sudden pull, House Marquez reigned victorious since they acquired the most number of points. The victors of House Marquez was then placed in the chronicles of the AHF scripture hunt as the first family to be called champions. Prizes were bestowed upon the victors and everyone received a consolation prize. We truly praise and thank God for all the members of each house for shining the truth, running the race with excellence, and giving the Father all the glory and honor through His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.
Everyone was excited, as the air was full of joy and laughter; with a smile on each face throughout the day. Everybody witnessed the growth of the walk of each family through the Holy Spirit from the God-fearing fathers to the faithful and humble mothers who raise their children to seek God all the days of their lives and to become true Armor Bearers who stand up for Jesus our Lord alone.

About The Author of AHF Viewpoint:Ate Nikki is the Assistant Youth Minister of The Armor Bearers which is the official Youth Ministry of Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines. She is also a writer for the Abundant Harvest Fellowship Web Team. She graduated as the Salutatorian of her class, her testimony, viewpoints and, changed life is such a blessing to Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines, Her Family and Friends. We truly Praise God for Her Life.

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