iScramble Armor Bearers Fund Raiser

Dear Saints of Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines, I would like to thank and praise God for blessing us with such a successful iScramble Fund Raising Launch for the benefit of our upcoming Youth Camp; Mission is Possible. The fundraising is held in Baranggay Nayon Kanluran from April 23 to the 1st week of May. I would like to commend our wonderful AHF Philippines Armor Bearers Youth Ministry & AHF Philippines ACTS Singles Ministry (As Christ Teaches Singles) for standing up, dedicating time, effort, and love in our fund raising effort. When I see our youths and singles so dedicated, so impassioned, so on fire for God, for sharing the gospel by word and action; for drawing more people to come to know the Lord and have a deeper walk with Him through the Camp; my heart is just filled with joy. I am so blessed by our God centered youths and our God anchored singles. I also would like to thank and praise God for the wonderful parents for helping us out, sharing with us your resources, time and effort to make this fund raiser a solid reality. To God be the glory, so if you would like to help out in our fund raiser or would like to drop by and show moral support; Kindly let us know and we will be so blessed to have you. Have a wonderful day dear brethren. To God be the Glory! – Pastor Lyle Lopez


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