Pastor’s Journal: What We Need is Old Fashioned Christianity

“With all the things coming to light, maybe old fashioned is what we need” – Agent Colson

As I watched the Avengers the 2nd time with the Armor Bearers leadership; I pondered on the words of Colson and how it rings true in this day and age. Colson here was reassuring the Captain that old fashioned is still relevant in this day and age. As a student of the word of God I have to agree, this generation has been focused on every new fangled thing, each new innovation that we lost track of what was once important. We focus too much on the advance cutting edge stuff that we forget the basics. Even in churches today, how many a pastor is excited to preach grand theology instead of speaking on the basics of Christian living. How strategies, idealism and new fangled ways to draw, evangelize and multiply became the focal point of our faith instead of the basic old fashioned principle which is to focus on God, to have inner revival, to know that we are called to work our salvation with fear and trembling, running the race and not being disqualified in the process.

We as believers started to focus on the method instead of the end point, we are excited to share the word and lead people to salvation but when sanctification is the name of the game and a deeper relationship is the very requirement; we lose interest since it does not add to the number thus no glory there. Stop thinking of the method or strategy; but focus on God and you will be surprised how God will use your life to share His goodness and His word.

Today what we need is to anchor ourselves to the rock of ages, the King of Kings, the ancient of days- thus old fashioned is the route we should take; thus as for me, my family and the church God has blessed me to pastor- I choose to live by the basic, speaking only the word of God and rejecting every man-made idealism. Let us pray as true believers to stand and reject this shroud of the enemy to lure God’s people astray with strange theology, and as we stand- let us meditate on God’s word day and night; breathing in prayer in all that we do that we are tossed around by unsound doctrine, but we are anchored, grounded and stable in the word of God; In Jesus Name Amen!

Ephesians 4:14 states: “Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.”

Pastor’s Journal is the writings of our Head Pastor, Pastor Lyle Lopez as he aims to augment the walk of each believer by moving each person into a deeper relationship with our God through scripture, sound doctrine and basic truths that if applied may empower and edify Christians to walk the talk and be the person God called us to be, Not by might, power but by the Spirit of God.

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