27 Years of God’s Great Faithfulness; A Thank You Note by Pastor Lyle Lopez

Dear Friends, Colleagues, Brothers and Sisters in the Faith, My Dear Family and My Beloved Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines Family,

Thank you so much for all the wonderful greetings, messages, surprises and gifts; I am so blessed by all of you and I thank and praise God for blessings me with such wonderful people whom I work with, live with and serve with. Truly God is faithful and each day I witness God’s great gift of purpose in my life as He uses me as His mouth piece to share His message of love that all may know His loving kindness and His amazing grace. Another year, to serve, to experience and to see God’s goodness unfold as we continue on the path that God has set in our hearts to take; my prayer is that as I continue on; may we all press on towards the goal of knowing, enjoying and desiring Christ by purposing in our hearts to know of His supremacy thus living a life of holiness, purity and Christ-likeness. God bless you all; I am indeed a product of God’s amazing love and His imponderable grace; here is to more years in His Majesty’s Service. To God be the Glory!


Pastor Lyle Lopez

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