Delighting in God: My Lord is my strength & portion forever

Today God has inspired me to share the word with you to encourage, strengthen and edify you as each one intentionally stand’s firm on the knowledge of Christ, letting go of every idealism that is not of God and calling it into obedience to His holy name. Psalm 73:26 states:

“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.”

I want us to notice the present declaration of the psalmist; he states his weakness- though at first we ascertain that what he speaks of is mortal frailty but this verse also speaks of the slow waining of enthusiasm, the loss of natural courage, the eventual weakness that we face each day as we witness the dilemma of this world yet the only anchor, the only help we can be assured of is not in ourselves or even our friends who we stand by; for each one also feels the weight of weakness- the only anchor is Christ. Picture a flood moving into the horizon, as you ran to save your life- you find a rock, a place where the water breaks. The rock is God, the psalmist is indicating that God is our only refuge; thus we ought to abide in Him- as He is our protection, the very strength of our heart, our shield and rampart; Our King is also our portion for as we stand in Him; knowing that we who dwell in His presence are protected from the influx of corruption; His presence is the delight of our soul for nothing can fill that void in our souls but the ever living Holy Spirit that God has sent as a helper to His people. Friend, God is saying to each one of us to abide in Him, to seek His face, to dwell in His goodness and empty our minds and hearts of the corruption of this world, the whispers of the enemy in our ear and the doubt which festers in our heart. Let Him be the strength of our heart, not man-made idealisms, fame, reputation or recognition but the understanding that we continually stand in faith, fighting the good fight as our just reward is the King of Kings. John Piper states: “The Chief end of man is to glorify God by enjoying Him for ever.” Enjoy His presence, feel the passion of His love and the comfort of His truth. Have a blessed day everyone! 🙂

– Pastor Lyle Lopez

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