Delighting in God: Seek God!

“Seek the Lord and his strength; seek his presence continually!” – Psalm 105:4

Today, I write to you dear ministers; brothers and sisters in the faith to encourage you as we continue our walk in the faith. Each day we face the constant temptation to face our cares, our problems immediately; to a point that we forget to seek Christ first than the situation or circumstance that we face. Seeking God continually means that in each moment we breathe a prayer as our hearts and minds are saturated in His word. It means that our thoughts are drawn to Him at the beginning of the day and as our waking hours wind down; it is in God in whom we delight. Our devotion is here stirred up, that we may stir up ourselves to praise God. Seek His strength; that is, His grace; the strength of his Spirit to work in us that which is good, which we cannot do but by strength derived from Him, for which he will be sought. Seek to have His favor to eternity, therefore continue seeking it while living in this world; for He will not only be found, but He will reward those that diligently seek him.

Seek the Lord the psalmist writes for though our minds can ponder long on our cares, our worrying won’t solve our problems nor lighten the burden of our situation; but if we begin each day focused on the most High God- then His strength becomes our own. His power makes manifests in our lives as His grace empowers us to shine His light in each situation, solving each problem with His wisdom and discernment. Again, we must tell ourselves- first things first.

How many of us today began our day in-tuned, focused and prioritized to seek our King’s face? How many of us woke up this morning with a fervent desire to delight in the Lord, seek His presence and find refuge in the shadow of His wings. Let us be intentional in seeking God, let us stand focused & determined as we recalibrate our Christianity and begin each day seeking the supremacy of the Risen Christ.

Have a blessed day everyone! – Pastor Lyle Lopez

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