Bear the Armor 2012: Meet the Youth Pastor

This upcoming July 29, 2012; The Youth of Abundant Harvest Fellowship called: The Armor Bearers prepare to celebrate a year of God’s great faithfulness, a year of God focused, Christ Centered, Holy Spirit empowered ministry that shook the world and truly made a difference.

Meet the Youth Pastor comes from a series of playful videos, showcasing the various faces which make up the tightly knit youth ministry that stands not only as a group, but a family: The Armor Bearers. It chronicles what makes the ministry work, why youths start thinking differently and what moves them to impact each aspect of their lives by focusing on Christ alone. Each youth stood with the vision of truly being a committed follower of Christ, standing for God’s word alone and recalibrating their Christianity not to work with the superficial religiosity of other denominations, or churches but to stand truly committed with a strong relationship with Christ; hating sin- standing for truth and living by the grace that God alone can give.

Meet the Youth Pastor


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