“Owning Up To Kingdom Mentality” – Pastor Lyle Lopez

As Abundant harvest Fellowship Philippines continues its series entitled: Keep Calm and Focus on God, Pastor Lyle Lopez exhorts the every believer to focus on God and plow forward; never looking back to things of this world, the temporal pleasures set forth by the system of this world concentrate our hearts and minds for the eternal reward which is Christ Jesus our Lord with his message: “Owning Up to Kingdom Mentality” In this message, he exhorts each believer to plow forward in the faith thus developing Kingdom Mindset.

Luke 9:62 states: Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.”

A plow is a tool used in farming to cultivate the land and enrich the soil that when the seed is cast; the soil readily accepts each seed and quickens the growth of the plant for harvest. To put one’s hand to a plow is a proverbial expression to signify undertaking any business. In order that a plowman may accomplish his work, it is necessary to look onward – to be intent on his employment, on his task- not to be looking back with regret that he undertook it. So in our faith, when we enters Christianity and service- we must live and accomplish what we are called to do with our whole heart, those who cannot die to self, purge their passions for the world, who cannot “wholly” forsake this things cannot, will not and will never be or can be called a Christian nor are they fit to enter the Kingdom of God since they are corrupted or drawn by this world. In order to have a Kingdom mindset; we ought to low forward by forgetting what lies behind and set our hearts on the ultimate prize: Christ our Lord.

Kingdom Mentality means the discipline of knowing and understanding that we are bond-servant of Christ and subjects under the reign of the Most High God thus all we were, all we are and all we will ever be, our will, our strength, our passion and all aspects of our being is only present because of the tremendous grace of our King and the great faithfulness He has manifested in our lives. Christians have royal blood flowing through our veins by the grace of God; Romans 8:17 states that we are “heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ.” Revelation 1:6 says that Jesus “has made us kings and priests to His God and Father.” Thus by God’s power & grace, we have been given authority, but kingdom authority does not happen by default. There are certain things we can do (or not do) that can hinder us from exercising that authority and receiving the benefits of our heirship. Plainly when we start loosing focus on God, when we put our work, studies, hobbies and passions before God, before reading His word- if our desire for His presence, for His truth flickers- then our hearts have lost its first love and we loose purpose as we wander aimlessly in this life.Then we wonder why we lack that fire for God that we once had, why we have lost boldness to preach the gospel, why reading God’s word becomes a chore instead of a privilege. Why our service lacks anointing- why we have difficulty waking up in the morning to face a new dawn. Because we have lost love for God, we have turned loveless. Our mentality focuses not on God’s kingdom but on the world we should have turned our backs to. Luke 9:57-62 we see the cost of following Christ; understand that the true requirement of righteousness is a direct focus on God, investing all we are; our time, passion and resources to His call. Yet many Christians omit such factors since their brand of Christianity dictates that they would praise God only when it is convenient and that usually is a Sunday; that they would help out, make a difference and impact others if it does not discomfort them or cost them nothing. It time to change our mindset, let go of our old self and focus on Kingdom Mentality as we shine God’s light through all aspects of our lives; in Jesus name Amen

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