Delighting in God: The Key to Joy is to Trust & Obey

2012-06-30 01.06.31 pm

John 10:10“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

As I woke up this morning, I shuffled my feet toward my desk and asked God: “Lord, what is it your are telling me today?” As I prayed, an insight came to me; In life, many of us seek a simple thing; a thing we are made to believe is attainable by possessions, worldly pleasures or prestige yet upon a closer examination; we know that no amount of material obsessions can sate our hunger for happiness. Man since the dawn of the age seeks happiness yet we go at this journey in the way of folly. We work hard to obtain, and as we obtain, we seek more; as our desires turn to obsessions. Truth is, we are trapped by the age old belief of man to seek happiness through wealth or prestige. Sad to say, this trap no matter how sweet it seems to be is a lie from the enemy. This lie is meant to destroy our hope to achieve joy. This lie was designed for the purpose of stealing the contentment and steadiness we might exude if we understood how to attain true happiness, true joy. A verse came to me which struck a chord in my heart. Jesus in John 10:10 states a warning to all who would harken, a call to those whose ear are open- that the enemy has come only to destroy the heritage of the saints. The enemy has come to devour what hope we have by enticing us with things that emulate temporary happiness yet leaves us empty as time progresses. God wants us whole and in His wisdom, He sends His Son; Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to cover the multitude of our sins that we have a hope and a future. Christ came to give us life, life in all abundance, life that gives us hope, gives us true joy. In this as well, He states that Christ desires that we have life to the full. Such a beautiful call, one that we ought to harken to. Joy and a full life is within our grasps; if only we trust and obey our King. An abundant life is given if we seek His face and desire Him alone. Do not let the enemy steal your heritage, but hold fast to the confession of our faith without wavering for He who promised is Faithful. Focus on God, seek to exude an undivided heart that is steady in the Faith and stands to profess and confess Christ in each aspect of our being, In Jesus Name Amen!

Have a blessed day everyone! – Pastor Lyle Lopez

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