Delighting in God: How Planted Are We in the Faith?

2012-06-30 01.06.31 pm

Colossians 2:7Have the roots [of your being] firmly and deeply planted [in Him, fixed and founded in Him], being continually built up in Him, becoming increasingly more confirmed and established in the faith, just as you were taught, and abounding and overflowing in it with thanksgiving.

Upon reading this passage, a line from The song Awesome In this place came to my mind; “I found where I belong, I’m a living stone in this house I will grow.” How beautiful are the words of this song, what an empowering verse to affirm our faith. We love this song, problem is many times we don’t own up to the words that this song imply. How many of us can actually state that we are planted, grounded in the word of God? How many can state that we live for God? Many Christians or those who profess their belief fall short on this principle that when trials come, when difficulties occur; their faith walk is shaken and uprooted from where it should be planted. Notice that what Paul is stating here is that; we should not loose faith nor shake or be uprooted but hold fast, be planted- be deeply rooted in the faith. How do we do that? Well the question here is- how is your bible reading, how do you view Sunday Service? Are you active or passive in your walk with Christ? These are question that would ascertain how planted we are in the faith. Do we look forward to service, to teachings? Do we discipline ourselves, being honest as we search our hearts for anything that does not exude Christ? These are then questions we ought to be asking that we may be built up as we are confirmed in the faith. Being planted means that we stand no longer as ourselves but all we do must reflect Christ for we thrive, grow and stand empowered by His word, guided by His truth, strengthened by His love. It commands us to magnify God with each aspect of our being, honoring Him in all our ways. This is our call, not to fall into certain brands of Christianity that is a skin deep viewpoint that shatters at the moment of tribulation, but a steady well rooted, well founded stance on God by seeking Him each moment and truly having a personal relationship with our King. Note that Paul states; overflow with thanksgiving- our life should be a model to people who are still blinded by this world to understand the hope we have through Christ. That would not happen if we are still planted in the world or rooted half heartedly in God. Our King has told us never to be lukewarm but be on fire for Him. Our life should exude His goodness which is only possible by living out His word, seeking His face and intentionally working our salvation with much fear and trembling as we stand to desire our God by enjoying Him forever; putting Him as the focal point of our existence as we see Him as our one true reward. In Jesus name amen!

Have a blessed day everyone, God bless! – Pastor Lyle Lopez

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