May 2013: Most Valuable Sharers and The Sharer of the Month

At the Youth Ministry of Abundant Harvest Fellowship Philippines called the Armor Bearers, we stand to encourage our youths to go out and share the Good News that the Kingdom of God may be preached as we proclaim His steadfast love, His great faithfulness, His immeasurable grace and the singular response which is complete repentance as we stand to please our King. We are blessed to see our dear third generation Armor Bearers, the best; God focused generation as they stand to serve, not to be served. In an address last April 26, Pastor Lyle Lopez challenged every Armor Bearer to proclaim the gospel and stand up to draw people to become New Creations through Jesus Christ, not by just praying a simple prayer but by supernaturally being transformed in mind, heart and spirit by the grace of God. Glory to God as we have seen our youths work tirelessly to proclaim the good news, setting more time in preaching the word of God than pursuing meaningless exploits. As the month of May comes to a close, we would like to share with you the tally for the Most Valuable Sharers and the Sharer of the Month as we ask for your prayers and support that we may continue to shine God’s light to all, In Jesus Name Amen!


Glory to God for the Third Generation Armor Bearers, The Youth Ministry Who Bears Much Fruit!

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