Standing Up For Loyalty: Are You Loyal to God and His Redemption?


Loyal: Faithful to lawful authority; faithful and true, as to faithful to a king or to whom one is subject; unswerving in allegiance. Being true to any person or persons to whom one owes fidelity, especially as a wife to her husband, lovers to each other, and friend to friend; constant; faithful to a cause or a principle.

Are you loyal? Is God the authority in your life? Are you faithful and true to Him? Are you faithful, even as a servant unto their King, pledging to honor that loyalty, even with their own life? Is your allegiance only to God?

Today, Pastor Lyle Lopez will continue our series entitled: “Standing Up For Loyalty” at the Armor Bearers Youth Service @ Napindan Taguig as he shares his message entitled: Are You Loyal To God and His Redemption? This a very important question to answer, and one that has much stock in our walk. How true are we to God? Do we break our oaths? Do we tell God where we want to serve, how we want to serve instead of asking Him- “What service can I do for you Lord?” How true is our salvation? Do we think that regardless of what we do; no matter how wicked we live, because of a simple prayer we are already saved?, how our Christianity? does it stand for truth or licentiousness, does the grace of God truly move us and empower us to stand pleasing and ever repentant to God?

2 Chronicles 16:9 – “For the eyes of the LORD are looking and seeking throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are loyal and fully committed to him.”

Friends, God is seeking for true worshipers, those who will worship Him in Spirit and in truth; question is- are we one of the few who harken to His call? Glory to God for His great faithfulness; His goodness never cease; it is steadfast and long suffering. So come and join us today as we impact our youth, changed lives, make a difference and stand together in unity as we intentionally worship our King in Spirit and in Truth. Praise the Lord!

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