AHF International “New Beginning”

In the 3rd Year of Abundant Harvest Fellowship International, we glorify God as He finally closes a chapter in ministry as He unveils something new. There is a great vision that has been entrusted to Pastor Lyle Lopez and Bishop Waid Hobbs which by the grace of God, they have been true to;all the more in this new generation.

AHF Backdrop Napindan 2013

As this new dawn begins, we are standing firm as New Creations; as we are sealed by grace thus upholding one solid truth. This great vision is to bring the lost to Christ, this is the cause; not just to lead them in a simple prayer that many would state works due to sincerity; but to truly lead each person to Christ; being saved by grace through faith- confessing that He is Savior and Lord each day, not thinking that grace is a license to continue in sin but to answer grace by repenting and confessing the Lordship of Christ in our lives each day; to the day of Glory!



Last Sunday, June 10, 2013 – Pastor Lyle Lopez and the dear brethren of the AHF Family stood by the vision that God has placed in their hearts. God has called each one of them to go forth and spread the gospel; and after a months of continues sharing, going house to house and standing firm to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to all; the vision for the church came.


“Many of our third generation Armor Bearer youths are situated in Napindan, Taguig where we usually hold youth service in the house of Bro. Mario and Sis. Aleta Manosca each friday. Sadly only a few can make it to Quezon City for Sunday service. It also came to our attention that many of the parents of our dear youths desire to come to know Christ and have a personal relationship with Him- thus after much prayer; God counsel and Biblical discernment we have decided to begin an AHF Campus in Napindan Taguig.” Pastor Lyle Lopez says.





“The biggest blessing and confirmation we saw was when we asked a local church if we can hold services in their church building during the afternoon; glory to God they obliged- after that we saw the mighty work of the Holy Spirit move in that place as we work together with the churches in the vicinity to impact lives and make a difference.” Pastor Lyle Lopez who have stood at the helm of Abundant Harvest Fellowship International since 2010 states that the heart of the church is complete christian union; since we stand not to compete but to complete.

Now, youths, men and women; whole families are impacted by the great work of God in Abundant Harvest Fellowship International- and this is the just the first fruits of the labor God entrusted. The harvest has come, the time of grace is now- thus Pastor Lyle Lopez and AHF International stands to draw more people to Jesus Christ.

Now the question goes to you; do you have a heart for church union? Do you have a desire to impact lives and make a difference? Are you ready to be a light to all; to share the PURE, TRUE Gospel of Jesus Christ and win souls for the King?

If so, then stand with us as we gather for the great harvest that God has purposed us to labor in. Shine with us, Partner with us and Pray with us as we shine love in all we do; winning souls for the King of Kings!

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