Gentleness: The True Christian Spirit

Gentleness is a strong hand with a soft touch. It is a tender, compassionate approach toward others’ weaknesses and limitations. A gentle person still speaks truth, sometimes even painful truth, but in doing so guards his tone so the truth can be well received.

Puritan leader Jonathan Edwards called gentleness “the Christian spirit.” Edwards said, “All who are truly godly and are real disciples of Christ have a gentle spirit in them.”

The Bible goes out of its way to demonstrate Jesus’ gentleness. In fact, the Old Testament depicts the Messiah as unusually gentle, telling us that Jesus would not break a “bruised reed” or snuff out a “smoldering wick” (Isaiah 42:3). In the Gospels, Jesus affirmed His gentleness: “I am gentle and humble in heart” (Matthew 11:29). And the apostles often reminded the early church of Jesus’ gentleness: “By the meekness and gentleness of Christ, I appeal to you” (2 Corinthians 10:1).

Unfortunately, too many people equate gentle with weak. Unless you would call the heroic apostle Paul, the fiery Puritan Jonathan Edwards and the almighty Christ “weak” individuals, it is clearly a misunderstanding to assume weakness has anything to do with gentleness.

It’s the strong hand, not the weak one, that must learn to be gentle. True followers of Christ are distinguished by gentleness.

In this note, Pastor Lyle and Pastor Akeem of AHFI upon teaching the youths the importance of gentleness set the stage for a group dynamic that illustrated gentleness and its application. The activity was called: Gentle Eggs; the activity challenges the Armor Bearers to go through an obstacle which were made through chairs stacked together which illustrates the difficulties of life and what we ought to pass through while exuding gentleness. With the egg in tow on a silver spoon, each youth would pass through the course in hope to get it to the finish line without breaking the fragile egg. Such is the challenge to exude gentleness!

Here is the short video of Gentleness and the Gentle Egg Activity:

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