Delighting in God: Intentional Holiness through Obedience

2 Corinthians 10:5 – Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

Following Christ means we strive with all our being to be intentional in our holiness. The path of the world and its sensual desires which we so discarded upon our election into salvation must be completely dead in us for unless it is; we can’t claim to be one with Christ. Sin, sensuality and our own depravity unless put to death completely will fester eventually as each hidden sin, hidden thought that stands unpleasant and abhorrent to God will be brought into the open since God’s whose mercy is evident in our lives moves us to accept reproach in order to fix what has to be changed in order than we can exude the newness of life in Christ Jesus. Saints, what manifests in our day to day actions; does everything we do spell out that we are of Christ, for Christ? Or do we exude the world still despite our profession to be believers? Examine yourselves and check our hearts lest we stand abhorrent to God who by His loving Kindness purposed us to be washed by the blood of the lamb, holy and pleasing to Him. Our lives must stand obedient to Him alone; every aspect of our existence must confess Christ for unless it does- we are unregenerated and of the world we are called to disdain. Thus I call to you dear saints; does our lives shine Christ; have we cast down every imagination and high thought as we lay them captive into the obedience to Christ? I pray so. Have a blessed day dear saints and always focus on Him alone. – Pastor Lyle Lopez

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  1. Day to day actions I believe come from how we think in general & will bring about the character we are. When I think of my day & if it was productive towards God’s kingdom, then I can be at peace. However many days can go by & the world can creep back into the thoughts which persuades our actions to be of a different character. Sometimes we think this is ok or that is ok, then one day we find ourselves no longer at peace because our productivity has gone in a different direction. We are human & will always be of a sinful nature. God will never see our sin as we walk in the faith of who His Son is. However, even in our brightest most Christ like character, we can fall to a point that we are unable to shine for Christ. It is at this point when we truly need to realize who the Father is in our life. For some of us it becomes blurred or even absent because we fell so hard. I think it’s the difference between Judas & Peter. Both denied, both men felt they lost their connection with Christ. But it was the forgiveness Jesus gave to both of them. For even still in the Garden Jesus called Judas friend. However Judas, even in all of his regret never received the forgiveness. Where as Peter ran to Jesus from his boat to the shores & received the forgiveness & was restored back to his calling given to him by His Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ. I guess my point is this, that we may always remember we are not perfect, but Christ being perfected in us. This happens even when we stand tall, as well as when we fall to our lowest. May we learn to receive this forgiveness everyday knowing on that day when we are standing before Christ, we will be seen perfect.

    Thank you Pastor Lyle for your knowledge of Gods Word & for your encouragement.
    God bless you & your calling!!!

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