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Dear Saints,

Greetings, May the grace of Our Lord Jesus Christ be upon you; may His truth shine on your path as His word be lamp unto our feet for His tender mercies never cease; as they are renewed each morning.

I would like to begin by remembering the first moment I started writing a message at the beginning of my ministry here in the Philippines. I remember the joy of seeing the fluidity of God’s thought come alive as I readied myself for the launching of Abundant Harvest Fellowship International; the first church I officially planted with my family as we desired to plant a church that would stand as a sanc- tuary to the saints; a place of refuge to those wearied by this world and a safe ha- ven for believers to grow in the Lord, live a life of purity as we worship the King

in Spirit and in truth. I still remember being torn, I have served years past as a Youth Pastor for several churches as God has always guided my hand and willed each work I endeavored to grow; during these years I have learned to speak the word of God soundly yet lacking the personal touch that my mother was striving to instill in me a couple of nights prior to the launch we had on October 10, 2010. Stubbornly, I decided to go to my comfort zone, thus I began preparing the message the way I always had but as I typed away; the Holy Spirit impressed upon me a simple truth- that no matter how wonderful my teaching could be; if I could not win the heart of the people; it has been for nought. I asked God for wisdom and discernment as I strived to write my message the way my mother had been encouraging me to do so; to open my heart to the people who will for the first time come to my church. To share my life with them, my experiences, my walk with God and how He turned each sorrowful story into overwhelming joyous victory. As I wrote, the words just kept on coming until I saw that I already finished the message; rather God already finished it through me. I shared the message God impressed upon me that Sunday and God moved and used it to impact so many, thus I’ve been teaching, preaching the word of God that way ever since. In this small book that God has impressed me to share with you; I have compiled a few of my teachings that I pray would be a blessing to you as I pray it stand to recalibrate your Christianity as we seek Christ in our walk. My desire is that this book would aug- ment your quiet time and help lead you to a fruitful life in Christ Jesus. This devotional was created not to replace the Bible, nor should you think that reading one day of this book should suffice your spiritual needs. Friend, we all need meat- we need the Bible to fill us and nourish us. Think of this book as a once a day tablet that upon be taken with your actual meal would augment the nutrients synthesized to build up your immune system, and keep you healthy. This devotional was cre- ated to share with you some insights that God has impressed upon me as you read the ever living word of the Most High God.

This devotional book is designed as an In-depth reader if you will, with hard spiritual truths to mull over and I pray that each day may stand as a challenge for us to check ourselves, humble our hearts, commit to change and ask God for the strength to follow through the recalibration of our Christianity. At the end of the 30 days, my prayer is that you would have applied the truths you’ve learned each day simultaneously as we strive to become the people God called us to be, not by might nor power but by His Holy Spirit.

A final note to you dear Saint as you begin your journey with me; Be intentional and focus on God!

Sincerely, Pastor L.A. Lopez

To Download a Free Copy of the Devotion of Pastor L.A. Lopez entitled; Change the Atmosphere, Confess Christ- Please click here:

Change The Atmosphere (LAL Final)

Change the Atmosphere, Confess Christ is a devotional written by Pastor L.A. Lopez. It is a Christ centered offering that aims to augment the quiet time and bible study time of every believer who truly seeks to focus on God, grow deeper in His word and walk in the Newness of life in Christ Jesus. Reproduction, printing and sharing of the said work is encouraged but kindly refrain from changing, editing the said piece since it might misconstrue the original message being shared.

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