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The Armor Bearers stand as the youth ministry of Abundant Harvest Fellowship International as headed by none other than our Senior Pastor, Pastor L.A. Lopez with the assistance of AB Minister of Operations, Minister Winchaell Villarico. Recently, Pastor L.A. Lopez challenged the Armor Bearers who hold their leadership meetings every Sunday at the place, and their outreach ministry called Armor Bearers Jr. In the Upper Room, Napindan Taguig. He called for house challenge, a particular competition that can be traced back to the beginning of AHFi. The house challenge calls the youths to be placed in 3 particular houses that are led by Ministers and Ministers in training. The mission: To Rise Up as an Armor Bearer.

In the beginning of September 2016, Pastor L.A. called forth House Obedient, House Truthful and House Holiness to rise up for the challenge. Each house will be tested through evangelism, theological examinations, challenges, purity and conduct. Every week, a new challenge is set forth for each house to face. On the first week, it was House Truthful that garnered much points which was quickly upset by House Obedient who lead the second week; with house holiness biding its time. The challenge is on, the houses are raised- who will win the house challenge, which youth shall lead their house to victory: rising up as the Armor Bearer who walks in truth, obedience, faithfulness and holiness? Only time will tell!

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