Beauty In Truth: Suffering Brings Us Closer to God


Isaiah 55:615 – “Seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near:”

One thing we embrace is the supremacy of God. We have a mission and that is to turn the hearts of the people back to God more so when we have experienced the calamity. That when suffering comes, we, as Christians will fulfill our mission to everyone who may hear. We need to prepare people for the Lord. Of course, no one wants to wake up in the morning, hoping to suffer but if we want to be more like him, then we too must suffer and persevere. Though no one wants to suffer, suffering is an ingredient in our life for a chance to mirror the life of Christ. Many people don’t see the positive in the calamity because they keep on focusing on the negativity. They start complaining to God, asking him why does he allow such things to occur. The reason why suffering brings us closer to the Lord our God is significant for us to know. It is because of his wake up call to bring back the people to him. We usually listen to his voice in times of trouble because we become more fervent in prayers when we are experiencing critical situations. It is more helpful because we intend to forget God during our happy days, especially when everything seems to work very well. We must know that time is fleeting and we have to walk in urgency when it comes to truly standing for God. When trouble comes, when suffering occurs, it is God’s mercy, telling the world today to come back to him. We need to claim to that truth. When problems come, there is an awakening of great spiritual problems. The enemy strikes every single day to take us away from him. He wants us to lose sight of what God has in-store for us. He wants to change our perspective But whatever may happen we must consider it pure joy. Despite the difficulties and tribulations, remember the goal. We need to persevere. It is a reminder to come back to the king. To move you back to him. Therefore, he is calling to all of us to seek him and be renewed. From our mourning, to our dancing. To truly build up perseverance and steadfastness. Thus, when suffering comes our ways, remember that this is your chance and opportunity to rise up and mirror Christ. And as we trust in the goodness of God, great things come. But whenever suffering comes our way, James told us to consider it pure joy. If we see the objectives of why God has allowed things to occur, then we have a hope and a future. Suffering is excellent at teaching us humility, that we must have a complete dependence on God. Ever since the fall of Adam and Eve, we keep forgetting that God created us to depend on Him and not on ourselves. We love to lean on our own understanding without seeking the wisdom from the Lord. We keep wanting to go our own way, pretending that we are God. Suffering is powerfully able to get us back on track. May we all turn back to our God and continuously serve him in any circumstance in life.

Sis. Ashly Mañosca is the current head of House Holiness of the Armor Bearers and a resource writer for the AHFi Official website. She is currently pursuing her studies and stands focused to glorify God in all her endeavors.

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