Christmas Dawnwatch: “Do Not Be Fragmented in Your Focus, Be Singular Be Whole”

Christmas Dawnwatch Devotion 002- “Do Not Be Fragmented in Your Focus, Be Singular Be Whole”

2 Timothy 2:4 – “No soldier gets entangled in civilian pursuits, since his aim is to please the one who enlisted him.”

Paul calls the saints; soldiers in verse 3 of the same chapter yet he was very particular as to whom these soldiers pledge their allegiance to. Understand that there are soldiers that are classified as mercenaries, soldiers of fortune- men who strive for money, fame, adulation and then there are the few who live for a higher purpose, strive for a greater call- who lay down their life for the good of others; these are the soldiers Paul wanted us to envision; those who live in honor- who serve not themselves, not frazzeled pursuits but stand for a singular goal; to serve, honor and glorify the one who enlisted them- Jesus Christ, our Lord. Paul calls out in our key text to Timothy not to get entangled in multiple pursuits that would muddle his calling and purpose but to be singular in His pursuit, to remember His purpose and stick to it; success in all other aspects shall follow. If we’re going to successfully run the race of faith with endurance (Hebrews 12:1) and finish our course and the ministry we receive from the Lord Jesus (Acts 20:24), we must learn to do less. Why less? I don’t mean to be unproductive; I mean to focus on essentials, don’t water down your focus on what matters; being all over the place. Mark Forster had it right when he said;

“We tend to think unsuccessful people are unsuccessful because they sit around doing nothing. But it’s often for quite the opposite reason: they take on far too much—all sorts of wonderful projects at the same time—and never bring any of them to fruition. (Do It Tomorrow, 18)

Having a fragmented focus means you lose sight of what matters. Taking on too much has impeded your ability to bring what does matter to maturity; and to fruition thus don’t lose sight of your priority, of what actually matters. Our work, our schooling, the cares of the day and the circumstance we face including every responsibility we ought to bear carries no eternal value; only one does – and that is our call in Christ. Thus muddle not the call of Jesus in your life; serve singularly- focus wholly on your service for who we are called to please is not ourselves, nor the world- but as soldiers of Christ, we are called to serve, glorify and please Jesus Christ. Do that you have assurred blessing in your life since you stand one with His will.

Have a blessed day dear saint; and I pray that we all focus up on our Lord and Savior- Jesus Christ. In Jesus name Amen!

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