PURE Initiative

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Matthew 5:8“Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God”

What is Pure?

Pure describes something that is not mixed with any other elements, that is not contaminated in any way or a person who has no sins or who is wholesome.

We Desire To Raise a Generation of Boys & Girls, Men and Women who stand to be PURE.

Pure Thoughts
Pure Motives
Pure Heart
Pure Mindset
Pure Bodies- undefiled

Pure is the one of the newest ministries that stand firm to shine the light of God in schools, work places, colleges and universities as we raise a generation of youth, young adults and adults to shine God’s light, live for holiness, sanctified in all things as we desire to please our King.

U- Unshackled

Where would we stand to be Pure?

Pure Dealings school, business, work, family, friends, foreigners
Pure Accountability ( honest, precise, True)
Pure Relationships
Pure Ambitions
Pure Discernment

How Do I Begin with Pure?

You already began your first step to be Pure, standing up and having a desire to change lives especially your own is key. If you desire to be part of pure, we encourage you to contact us via our FB page or visit the Abundant Harvest Fellowship FB Page to request a copy of the weekly updated PURE Manual. So come and be part of this great initiative as we choose today to be PURE for our KING!

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